Camping accessories for dogs – 5 essentials

There are many things that you can take camping, or simply on the trail, for your furry friend. I am going to give a few camping accessories for dogs that is a have to take on your adventure. No matter if your canine is big, medium, or small the items I mention are important.


Camping accessory #1 – First Aid Kit

Now depending on enjoyment, I think we can agree, everyone has a different taste in excitement. Regardless if you Doggy first aid kitare hitting the hills in the back country, taking to the high mountains, or going to a pet friendly park you will always want to make sure that you have a small first aid kit for your fellow.

There are many out their that have veterinarian approved items. Another good thing is you are able to use this more than just on the trail.

Knowing you are ready to treat your dog(s) for any mishap, makes a person a little more at ease.


Dog tag/name plateCamping accessory #2 – Owner Identification

There is nothing worse than having a pet run off, or get lost. They have name plates that can be engraved with all of your information in case of an emergency like that.Engraved dog collars

They also are different types of collars that has the same information. Regardless of your choice, it is always a good idea to keep some form of identification on your dog(s).

Putting a working phone no. along with your name is always some great information to have put on your choice I.D. It is always great to include your address as well, or even a email address. A way that a person can get in touch or leave a message at all times.


Camping accessory #3 – Collapsible food & water Bowl

collapsible bowl

Now a person does not want their furry friend going and drinking out of some stag-net pool of water and getting some kind of bacterial infection that makes them ill.

Or eating some thrown out waste left from someone that has no morals or expectations in life. There is a very easy fix to that problem.

A very convenient and handy collapsible bowl. There are many kinds. You will want to make sure that you pick a durable one for long-lasting quality.


Camping accessory #4 – Leash or Steak & Cable

Retractable LeashNow depending on if you are just hitting the trail or deciding to go to the campsite for a few days. You will always want to be able to limit the places or restrict an area from your canine.

If you are just hitting the trail for a couple of hours, or an evening, it would be a great idea for you to take along a leash of some kind with you. Now keep in mind if you want to, you could wrap your leash around a small tree or some kind of post to keep your furry friend stationary for a bit if you wanted.

With that in mind, make sure the one you choose is going to be long enough and has some sort of swivel end on it to prevent from entanglement.

If you are heading to the campsite for awhile, it would be a great idea to take a screw in steak and cable with you.steak and cable tie-out never know when you may want or need to run a quick aron and leave your pet to watch your campsite. Or it may even be a restricted area for animals.

Regardless of the circumstance it would be a great idea to take one along on your camping trip. They will come in various sizes and lengths. They have real heavy-duty ones for the bigger, more ambitious canines, clear down to something small for your furry friend.


Camping accessory #5 – LED Light

They have a very convenient light that attaches to your dog(s) collar. This comes in handy for many reasons. If you are out towards dusk, or a real early riser, it is not only good for you to keep an eye on your pal, but allows other people to do the same.

Dog LED lightIt makes for just a little extra safety net and locator. Not only that, but if your pet likes to hang by your side or you have them on a leash, it also provides a lot of light for you to use and be able to see as well.

You may have canine keeping watch over your campsite, it provides a light around their as well. Again their are many advantages to having one for your pet. They are also very small so it takes up little to no room while packing. Don’t leave home without it.

Now that I have given you 5 essential camping accessories for dogs that you should not leave home without, I will leave it up to you as the type you choose. You will be able to find all of these items, more in detail, from the main menu under Accessories. I will give you the top quality and the most commonly used as well.

With these few items discussed here should make your trip to the trails or campsite just a little more exciting. Knowing that you have the right tools will help put a persons mind at ease and allow them to be able to enjoy the things that you should be able to. The things you don’t get to enjoy from the confinements of your home or the rooms in the work place.

Happy Trails, Happy Tails!Mans Best Friend